Since 2016, in collaboration with up to 200 micro, small and medium scale enterprises in South West region of Nigeria, InnovationMatters has made significant in strides to grow businesses and to enable a bottom of the pyramid approach to economic development in Nigeria. Through targeted tools and financing, we have increased knowledge and improved access to finance.

Loan Management Advice

Structured support including loan and loan management, advice, surveys, market research studies, and implementation of turnkey projects.

Creating technology‐savvy social entrepreneurs

Aligning information technology and e-commerce for maximum impact.

Within a few months InnovationMatters catered to reached 15 groups; over 70 women beneficiaries within 7 communities and has impacted on over 280 dependents within a few months. What was designed as an experiment to contribute to the poverty eradication, has grown by phenomenal proportions. Financially, the demand for InnovationMatters’ support has growing at 60% per quarter with a repayment rate of 97% so far.