Grounded on the principle that we need new and innovative approaches to address today’s complex challenges, InnovationMatters applies data, knowledge and enterprise to generate new social development results.

Founded in 2013 as a research-focused organisation, InnovationMatters has evolved from a core research organisation to translating data to knowledge and from knowledge to enterprise and development opportunities.Download our brochure here …


Through research and analysis, InnovationMatters has satisfied questions about governance, health, education, markets and lifestyles. We apply quantitative and qualitative studies are provide practical and workable solutions for businesses, NGOs, governments and other institutions.

DataFactory combines our strong data analytics background with technology. We have successfully gone beyond data analysis to translating knowledge into concrete, simple and workable visuals, such as infographic, motion graphics and storytelling.

In 2015, InnovationMatters launched the Creating Enterprise Opportunities(CEO) Programme to reverse the growing unemployment indices in the State. CEO is a ‘one-stop shop’ bouquet of business development opportunities including: legal and financial advice; digital marketing opportunities; skills development (certified vocational training); and information on access to the plethora of funding options available in Nigeria today.

Our world has changed significantly following the outbreak of the COVID-19 early 2020. Prior to that we had run business development training programmes. BizStarta is a forum for imparting business capacity and opportunity among Nigerian youth to create wealth, productivity, employment and eradicate poverty among the youth in Nigeria. Get all the business resources you need here to start up in Nigeria today.